Loan for foreigners: possible solutions

The global economy and multi-ethnic societies cannot fail to provide specific offers, even for financing, designed specifically for foreign workers, or access to offers (such as personal loans, salary-backed loans, etc.) to workers Italians and foreigners.

Naturally there will be “preferential” lanes agreed by the individual branches, depending on the catchment area, and therefore with greater attention to the representatives of ethnic groups with a more substantial presence, such as the Chinese and the Romanians.

However, a distinction must be made between foreign Community and non-EU workers, and depending on the reasons that lead to requesting the loan, including personal loans and business loans.

Business loans: especially by public bodies for subsidized rates

Business loans: especially by public bodies for subsidized rates

The regions, and sometimes even the larger municipalities, periodically announce calls for tenders to allocate funds for the creation of companies or their expansion, dedicated to immigrant workers.

Generally they are required as requisites to access them: residence in Italy and possible possession of a valid residence permit, a project for the realization of the company and a budget estimate that one needs. On the basis of the rankings there will be the disbursement of the funds, while instead the characteristics of the economic conditions vary according to what is established and reported in the same announcement.

There are also banks that can provide funding for start-up companies, but very often they are difficult to obtain unless there are high guarantees. In both cases you must contact the banks individually and inquire at the offices responsible for issuing certifications, documents and relations with foreigners.

Requirements for obtaining loans even without pay

Requirements for obtaining loans even without pay

All foreign workers must have residence in Italy, the tax code and the proof of a stable income, which can be attested through a pay slip or other similar certification. In addition, non-EU workers are also required to have a regular residence permit and a paid activity for at least 6 months.

For personal loans, those who have the least difficulty in disbursing them are the salary assignment and the delegated loan. It is possible, if all the hypotheses imposed by the law occur, to request the advance of the severance pay.

For other types of financing, especially for those “aimed” at the purchase of goods and services, just show the income, show the latest pay slips and all the required identity documents.

Normally, however, a minimum seniority is required which, in some cases, such as personal loans for Romanians, or other EU citizens, almost always coincides with that which the banks demand also from Italian citizens.

In all cases the first and main advice is to refer to a branch that has a large clientele of that particular ethnicity, to the point of having equipped itself with its own employees who know how to speak the language fluently and know customs well, etc. normally they are native speakers).

With regard to Romanian ethnicity, the presence on the Italian territory of a branch of Bank Vaniea (in Rome) with a logically targeted offer to Balkan citizens is to be emphasized.

Special conditions for personal loans, including online loans for non-EU citizens

Special conditions for personal <a href=loans, including online loans for non-EU citizens” />

Given the growing presence of this category of individuals in our territory, the banks have created specific products to finance the activities of these users. The conditions currently present on the Italian market make it possible to obtain a loan varying from 2,500 USD to 40,000 USD in relation to the income situation of the applicant. The main peculiarities of these products are: presence of a fixed rate, low costs related to the preliminary investigation costs and the reduced documentation to be attached during the request phase.

Some institutes allow you to request funds also online : it is however recommended to contact the company or bank to meet in person to understand what the real advantages of signing up via the web are.


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