Loans without assignment of the fifth: what solution for protesters and bad payers?

The range of loans is very wide, especially when it comes to solutions that fall into the category of personal loans, or those loans for which the future use must not be justified upstream.

In practice, loans with salary-backed loans have found widespread distribution, especially because they constitute a particular type of easy-to-obtain personal loans. It is also possible to request other types of personal loans, which however have lower sums and durations, and above all encounter greater difficulties in obtaining them.

Affordable personal loans

Affordable personal loans

Most personal loans are characterized by fixed interest rates and French depreciation, with the payment of a constant installment for the duration of the repayment plan. The level of interest rates, however, is medium-high due to the fact that since these are loans that are not aimed at purchasing the asset, they do not offer any particular guarantees to the bank.

However, it is possible to obtain better conditions if particular situations occur, but it is always necessary to have an immaculate “credit” curriculum. To avoid particularly high rates, you need to:

  • Own money invested in the bank or related companies. In fact, there are banks that, in the face of urgent or sudden liquidity needs, are willing to give very affordable rates, so as not to force them to disinvest. So if you have securities, funds or other and a little “flexible” attitude from your bank, it’s worth taking advantage of the portability of the accounts and addressing those who instead show this attention;
  • Conventions of category, company, etc., which are a preferential way to obtain the application of lower rates compared to the average rates applied, and also an eye in the evaluation phases of the practices themselves.

Beware of “too palatable” proposals

Beware of "too palatable" proposals

Cyclically, there is a proliferation of financial companies, which specifically target certain customer targets (for example, pensioners, employees, etc.), which promise exceptional conditions and extremely discounted rates.

Faced with these offers completely out of the market, and not justified by specific agreements, we must be extremely cautious. Better to turn to consolidated and known financial realities.


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