Online Payday Loans in 15minutes

Non-bank loans, commonly known as Online Payday loans, have become extremely popular in our country. They are provided by private companies, which are increasing every month in Poland. Although they are not the cheapest, it must be admitted that the procedure involved with a private loan is at the highest level. See for an illustration

The best non-bank companies offer Online Payday loans in 15 minutes

The best non-bank companies offer Online Payday loans in 15 minutes

Although it may seem unbelievable, some of the non-bank institutions actually grant loans to so-called Online Payday loans, which are available on the borrower’s account within 15 minutes of submitting the online application.

These companies don’t even require you to submit any income statements. The whole procedure goes on instantly and all you need is basic computer skills and internet access to get your money up to 15 minutes in your bank account.

Today, the leaders on the short-term non-bank loan market available in 15 minutes are Net Cash, Via SMS, E-Money, and the British Good Credit. The speed of these lenders is impressive. Money can be obtained even on non-working days without leaving the apartment.

To use such a loan, simply complete the form on the lender’s website. There too we will be informed about the final repayment amount and the date within which it should be made. To confirm their details, the borrower must make a transfer from his bank account to the lender’s account a symbolic amount of usually 1 penny.

When taking a payday loan


In Good Credit for the first time, instead of making a transfer, you need to provide login details for your online account – such confirmation takes several minutes. The loan agreement is concluded electronically and can be downloaded from the lender’s website in PDF format. It will also be sent to the customer by e-mail or in traditional paper mail.

Online Payday loans are usually granted for a period of up to 30 days, i.e. relatively few. This deadline can be extended, but then the cost of the loan increases every day. The exception is the Good Credit company, which grants such loans for a period of 60 days. If the customer decides to return the money before the agreed repayment date then the loan costs will be reduced proportionally.

Although non-bank loans are relatively expensive, some non-bank companies offer numerous promotions, e.g. for new customers. The most popular is the option of taking the first loan at a given company without costs. The borrower gives back exactly the same amount that he chose to borrow – no interest or hidden charges. However, the money must be returned within a set period, which cannot exceed 30 days.


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